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Farm Management Services

Professional Farm Management is the administration and management of a landowner’s farm business property by a professionally trained person who serves as the landowner’s personal representative to see that the owner’s objectives are met.

Anyone who owns farm real estate can benefit from professional farm management. It could be a doctor, housewife, secretary, business person, teacher, corporation or widow. These people, for many reasons, look to Mercantile Bank for professional help with their agricultural assets. Many such people lack agricultural knowledge, but know their farm is a valuable asset. Some do not have time to properly manage their farms, while others want worry-free management that they can depend upon to produce the highest dollar return from their farm. Many people wish to provide for their heirs and want their children or grandchildren to have the family farm, but wish to absolve themselves of the burden of management.


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Accounting and record keeping procedures, owner-operator negotiations, tax problems, even farmstead appearances present situations where professional management help is desired. Whatever your need, Mercantile Bank’s staff stand ready to serve you. Call or visit us today.