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Retirement Calculator


This calculator is designed to help you determine what sort of lifestyle you can expect to have during retirement by estimating your superannuation account balances both before and after retirement.  Try experimenting with different figures to see what effect they will have on your retirement lifestyle.

  1. Enter the values of your Salary and other variables.

  2. Leave the box blank if a particular question is not relevant to your situation.

  3. Click once on the "Calculate" button to calculate your result.


Enter your current annual salary here. If you are married, enter the sum of both of your salaries. $

Employer Superannuation

Enter your employer's super contribution as a percentage of salary.   %

Your Contribution

Enter your additional super contribution (if any) as a percentage of salary.   %

Pre-Retirement Earning Rate

Enter the net interest rate you expect to earn on your super prior to retirement.  Typically, you would invest more aggressively prior to retirement and then switch to lower risk investments after retiring.   %

Post Retirement Earning Rate

Enter the net interest rate you expect to earn once you retire.   %

Inflation Rate

Enter the expected inflation rate over the coming years.   %

Salary Increase Rate

Enter the rate at which you expect your salary to increase over the coming years.   %

Current Super Assets

Enter the current value of any super accounts you have now. $

Current Age

Enter your current age.  

Expected Retirement Age

Enter the age at which you plan to retire.  

Desired Retirement Income

Enter the amount of money you would like to have to spend each year during retirement, in today's dollars.  80% of  your currently salary is a good guideline. $
Click the calculate button to see your retirement estimates.  

Result Pre-Retirement

Employer Contribution - This box shows how much money your employer is contributing to your super each year given the contribution percentage you entered above. $
Your Contribution - This box shows how much money you are contributing to your super each year. $
Account Value at Retirement - This is the total value of your super account when you retire. $

Result Post Retirement

1st year value - This is the total value left in your super account at the end of your first year in retirement. $
2nd year value - This is the total value left in your super account after two years in retirement, and so on........ $
3rd year value $
4th year value $
5th year value $
10th year value $
15th year value $
20th year value $

The information provided by these calculators is for illustrative purposes only. The information entered may vary from your actual loan, mortgage, investment, or savings results. Interest rates are hypothetical and are not meant to represent any specific investment. Rates of return will vary over time, particularly for long-term investments. The calculated results are not guaranteed to be accurate and are in no way endorsed, offered or guaranteed by Mercantile Bank.