Invest Your HSA

Structured to compliment your separate bank HSA, we also offer an HSA Manager Investment Account option through Millennium Trust Company.  If you have no immediate plans to use your HSA funds for medical expenses, this is a great way to maximize your investment opportunities and savings. 

The funds in an HSA Manager Investment Account are available for investing in a wide-range of investments.  Idle funds in the account are swept into an FDIC insured money market account until you want to make your next investment, so your funds are always working for you.

You determine how you want to allocate HSA funds between your bank HSA deposit account (cash) and the money in your HSA Manager Investment Account investments.  Once you decide, simply establish the investment account, transfer funds from your bank HSA to Millennium Trust and begin to invest the money.




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Invest Your HSA

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Advantages of the HSA Manager Investment Account

Wide Variety of HSA Investment Choices
Traditional investments such as Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Government Securities and CDs

Manage Your Account Online
The Investment Account utilizes Portfolio Online, a self-directed investment platform and secure, web-based account management tool.  Portfolio Online allows you to place trades, view and monitor your investment activity, the allocation of your portfolio, and access account information and statements 24/7. Online or hard copy statements are available. Login now.

Decision Support Tools
Morningstar® Internet Tools, a comprehensive set of online mutual fund analysis tools, are available in order to assist account holders in making well-informed investment decisions.

To learn more call or email an HSA Specialist at Mercantile Bank to discuss your options.

Millennium Trust Company performs the duties of a custodian and, as such, does not provide investment advice or sell investments, nor offer any tax or legal advice.

Morningstar Internet Tools is a trademark of Morningstar, Inc.  These tools are designed to provide you with information only.  Morningstar, Inc. is solely responsible for their content.  They do not provide investment advice.  Past performance is not a guarantee or necessarily indicative of future results.