Falcon Fraud Manager

No matter how diligent you may be with your financial records and transactions, thieves can still find a way to capture and use your debit card information to make unauthorized purchases.  It can happen anywhere and to anyone. 

At Mercantile Bank, we make the safety and security of your financial information our top priority.  As a part of our efforts to serve and protect you, we have partnered with SHAZAM®, our electronic funds transfer (EFT) network, to help you guard your accounts from fraudulent debit card activity. 

Introducing FICO™ Falcon® Fraud Manager – a powerful and free new feature for your Mercantile Bank MasterMoney™ Debit Card.  With the Falcon Fraud detection service, you will receive continuous, automated monitoring of your debit card activity to help identify and prevent fraudulent transactions on your account.

Using advanced neural network technology, the Falcon Fraud system will examine all incoming debit card authorizations for potential fraud. Each authorization is analyzed and compared against a database that contains merchant profiles and cardholder behavior. 

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